How One Non-Marketer Explains Social Media Marketing

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If you had to explain Social Media and the Marketing opportunities available to young entrepreneurs, how would you do it?

Hugh McGuire (Librivox and Bite-Sized Edits) sent me the link to his Slideshare presentation for an event he recently spoke at. McGuire (also a regular on the Media Hacks podcast) likes to think he’s not a Marketer (I’d argue that everybody in business is in both sales and marketing), but as you can see by his presentation, he’s probably more suited to be a marketing professor (along with being an exceptional marketer)…

Slideshare – Ten Thoughts On Social Media & Marketing – Hugh McGuire:


  1. In a just a few slides anyone can truly understand what social media is and is not. The decision is yours to make it work for you.

  2. get to know your community, listen to what they have to say, engage with, communicat and give.

  3. Putting the time and effort into deciding how you want to be known is the hardest part. Cultivating an image is a long, strategic, even more so when you change your focus mid way through. Keeping it simple is complicated in and of itself at times!

  4. It is a tough job to explain the whole lot of techniques to a fresher. But this tough job is made quiet simple by your illustrations. It is really a great job by you. I hope the young entrepreneur will be highly benefited from your ideas.

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