How Ideas Bounce From One Person's Head To Another.

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How do ideas get shared? How does that change in a digital economy?

Evan Williams has done more than you. He’s done more than me. In fact, he’s currently doing more than most people will do in a lifetime. Here’s the TL;DR on Ev Williams: he created Blogger, Twitter and Medium. You could look at those three startups, and easily lull yourself into that prototypical Silicon Valley startup mindset of someone who’s hit unicorn-plus status on three occasions. It would be the wrong headspace. Instead think about the role of publishing in today’s economy. How do we get ideas from one person’s brain to another? In that context, Williams looks more like a modern day Johannes Gutenberg than anything else. It’s hard to imagine our world without those three platforms. It’s also interesting to note that Medium continues to improve and become an ever-more important place for those who wish to publish, share and create ideas.

Technology closes the gaps to make things more efficient and seamless.

In this fascinating 25 minute conversation, you will watch Evan Williams drop many pearls of wisdom, like the one above. This is another conversation courtesy of NewCo and John Battelle (you can see the other conversation with Tim O’Reilly over here: The Next Economy Company), focusing on the next economy, publishing, media, and much, much more. 

Here it is: Understanding Medium: Evan Williams On His Past, Future, and Current Obsessions.