Holiday Cheer – Be Young@Heart Defines Personal Branding

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Developing a personal brand is all about how the little stuff adds up to the greater reality of who you truly are. The sum of all the parts (if you will). In those nuances is your uniqueness. Your beauty. Your “you.” Your personal brand.
As a music lover and someone who spent the better part of my career watching (and writing about) people rise to fame (and others that didn’t), I began to realize that sometimes it is not the artist at all, but simply their intonation. Again, those little flections in words, moves and visuals that grab someone’s attention. I often reflect on the many bands that would debut their latest video in my presence and talk about “the money shot” – that one instant that binds the whole concept together, and it was always something as simple as the way the camera was angled when the artist looked into the lens or when something (usually unplanned) took place and they captured it.
Music is a powerful tool for connecting and for building your personal brand. It truly is the soundtrack of your life. I’m sure you’ve heard the song ‘Fix You‘ by Coldplay. Imagine the music, think about the lyrics. You might even recall that this song was used in many chick-flicks or during the commercial for the movie, World Trade Center.
Now, I’d like you to watch the video below. It’s by a chorus called Young@Heart. They are comprised of people between the ages of 73 – 92. Here’s how the Young@Heart website describes the group: “There are some with prior professional theater or music experience, others who have performed extensively on the amateur level, and some who never stepped onto a stage before turning eighty.”
Personal brand. Same words, same music you’ve heard and seen before (watch the original Coldplay video here: Fix You). Completely different spirit and brand when done by Young@Heart. It has a whole new meaning. Enjoy, share and pass it along. It’s an amazing moment:

(thanks to Shardy)