History Predicted It… We're All Cyberpunks Now

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How much of you is technology… how much of you is human?

No idea how this came across my radar, but – like you – I often find myself (late at night) deep down in the YouTube rabbit hole. There you are watching something that somebody sent you for work, and the next thing you know, it’s three in the morning and you’re watching things like this. Cyberpunk was originally coined in 1983. It was a term for individuals who were using technology to build their own world… on their own rules. Much of the output was seen as illegal and – if you were paying attention to Apple‘s recent announcements – you could easily see just how accurate this underground, indie and self-governed group of individuals were when thinking about our future and how much technology would be a part of us.

If you want to take a few steps back to see how far we have come…

This is a five-part, one hour documentary that looked to uncover the cyberpunk movement. What it is… what they were doing… why they were doing it… and what they hoped to get out of it. What seemed like a group of wild marauders, now feels more like a group of architects, designers and artists who were fighting to build our present state. Strangely enough, what they’re speaking about in this documentary doesn’t seem so far fetched in today’s context (you could even argue that’s a mild version of where we are at). In fact, we have moved things along at a much quicker clip than these cyberpunks could have ever imagined. What they were attempting to do has now – to certain degree – become a part of how we function as a society. When people scoff at robotics, artificial intelligence and the power of data, they may want to spend an hour watching this documentary, and thinking about how it wasn’t all that long ago when everything that we’re doing today seemed so strange, foreign and unlikely to happen.

Here it is: a documentary on Cyberpunk (and a lesson that everyone interested in business, marketing and innovation must watch)…