Henrik Olsen Is All GUUUI

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“GUUUI is a site for people engaged in the various fields of making the web a better experience for the users. At GUUUI, you’ll find weekly postings and quarterly articles about interaction design, information architecture, usability, visual design and the like,” reads the GUUUI website.
It is more than worthwhile to sign-up for their updates.
I just received Henrik Olsen‘s latest article, Balancing Fidelity In Prototyping, and it’s a must read.
Here’s the abstract:
“Many web development teams build prototypes that are too resource-demanding. The Q3 2005 issue of GUUUI takes a look at how to make the right trade-off between graphic detail, the level of interactivity and the breadth and depth of features covered by the prototype.”
Prototyping is the only way (and most important phase) in developing any online component. There are some things you just don’t see on a 2D sitemap.
Read the article here: Balancing Fidelity In Prototyping.