Happy Holidays

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Let’s start with this: don’t be so hard on yourself.

I’m talking to myself here (maybe to you as well). There were plenty of things that I didn’t get done this past year. Some of it professionally, some of it personally, some of it for my community. In fact, I could argue that it wasn’t just stuff that I didn’t get done, it was also stuff that I used to be more responsible with, that I let go by the wayside. Candidly, that’s the stuff that really keeps me up at night. The stuff I used to have a handle on and be so resolute with, that I just let go. I read enough and engage enough to know better. Whether it’s eating right, reading more books, exercising, taking the time to meditate, writing with a more regular pace, or amping up my skills in whatever new digital channels are captivating audiences all over the world.

It would be so easy to be hard on myself. 

Sure, there are days when I don’t want to face myself in the mirror. Then, there are days like this. Snow gently tumbles to the ground outside, the office hums with both the work that needs to get done, and an excitement over the upcoming break for the holidays. It makes me (maybe you) realize that there must always be that tension between the good and bad for great things to break through. It can’t always be smooth, easy and on-schedule. We need the chaos (maybe even some self-loathing) to figure out what must change. With that change a new habit is formed. From that habit something more sustainable is built. Being motivated is one thing, being clear with your expectations and intentional in your work will change your personal culture. It’s something that I am going to strive (a lot) harder for moving forward.

So… Happy Holidays!

Whether 2016 empowered you to be your best, or whether this year beat you down, tomorrow (truly is) a new day. Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends. Reflect on the good. Don’t shy away from the bad. And, as you make your plans for 2017, here’s a little something to keep the fire burning…

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