Hacking Art Education And The Creative Experience

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Is an education worth it? Is an education in art school worth it?

There are many marketers that have (or are even thinking about) art education. It will not be news to anyone, that most students leave college in tremendous debt. With that, there is no real link between a formal education and a guaranteed job that will carry a family through the middle class (or beyond). Life has become ever-complex. The definition of The American Dream is becoming ambiguous. For artists, it has become even more complex. Noah Bradley published a very contentious piece on Medium titled, Don’t go to art school, that garnered a ton of attention. Primarily, because he was someone who attended some of the best art schools in the world. Jonathan Fields from Good Life Project had this fascinating conversation with Noah. It’s an important piece of content to watch and share for everyone working in the creative space and for those who know young people who are considering a more creative life with an education in art.

Hacking art education and building a strong body work…

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  1. Wow what a great video, thanks for sharing. I’ve always liked parts of school as an institute for learning and pushing myself but over the past couple of years I’ve been finding more and more trouble connecting it to my passions and personal learning styles. I see the power of self directed learning, and the limitations of being told what to learn, when, how, and how to be evaluated.
    Being a musician and artist at heart I found my personality really connected with both Jonathan and Noah’s stories. I’m working part time on a marketing degree and love the adventure of learning on my own way more. The uncertainty and dynamics of marketing give it that art-like sense of never attainable perfection.
    My favourite point Noah made was about putting real truth into your work. It’s scary I know, but necessary for art and music. Now I’m consistently seeing my challenge is to put truth into my marketing work just as I’ve done with music I’ve made. To lay it all out there, the way I see fit.

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