Groupies Love The Coq – Burger King Goes Viral Again

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Crispin Porter & Bogusky are already interactive marketing legends for their Subservient Chicken micro-site that was part of a Burger King marketing campaign for their BK Tendercrips. They have struck again.
Coq Roq was also created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky to launch Burger King’s latest, BK Chicken Fries. According to an Ad Age Magazine article, Burger King’s Triggers Controversy, the company has received many complaints and even changed content due to the website’s double entendres.
The theme of this campaign revolves around a fake rock band called Coq Roq that has songs like ‘Cross The Road’, ‘Bob Your Head’ and ‘Nice Box’. In the band’s “Gallery” there was a picture of some female groupies that originally said “Groupies Love The Coq,” but that has been changed to “Shots From The Road.”
Here’s the challenge: most people don’t get what the term “cock rock” really means and how funny this will actually be to their target market.
A good friend, Rob from, actually sent this email to the Ad Age Magazine journalist who wrote the Burger King’s Triggers Controversy article:
“‘C*ck rock’ is an eighties term to describe cheesy heavy metal hair bands. You know, the hair spray and spandex days, possibly some leather too. It’s just a play on words and it has nothing to do with the male anatomy. But the groupie thing is true, they love the coq!”
Her response: “…you kill me. Thanks for writing…”
You should check out the Coq Roq website where you can even download some Coq Roq ringtones: Coq Roq.