Gregory Charles Last Night At The Montreal Bell Centre

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I’ve posted about Gregory Charles here and here before. This guy is so talented. As a somewhat creative person myself, I would say he’s “too” talented. His one-man, Black & White, show is jaw-dropping. It doesn’t matter what kind of music or live entertainment you like, trust me, you will love Gregory Charles’ Black & White show. And no, I won’t explain the experience because it has to be seen to be believed (yes, that impressive).
Why is this relevant to marketing and communications people? Because in a day and age where major record labels don’t know how to deal with P2P, the online world and still trying to pimp mediocre artists, Gregory Charles’ one man show proves that entertainment, taken to new levels, will always have a audience (much like Cirque Du Soleil). He also engages the audience in a way that encourages a psycho word of mouth campaign (like posting on a Blog) and is so engaging that you’re actually on your cell phone calling people as you leave the venue.
You can view his upcoming performances at the Gillett Entertainment site here or check out his website here. None of them do Charles’ show true justice. It has to be seen to be experienced. Last night was the third time that I have seen Gregory Charles, and I can’t wait to see his show again. How often does that still happen?
Gregory Charles also has a subtle lesson for marketers: if you truly have a unique ability (or, in his case abilities) product or service and you market it accordingly, it will grow via momentum and word of mouth – something traditional marketing is just not capable of doing anymore and something that all the marketing bucks in the world can’t buy. And that’s as clear as Black & White.