Gregory Charles – Probably the most talented performer you've never heard of

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Got a call from Gillette Entertainment about this local performer, Gregory Charles. I knew he was picking up steam in the Francophone community. They asked me to come to his show at the Bell Centre and prepare three marketing pieces for his Broadway debut. Gregory is fluently bilingual and here’s a snippet of what I wrote for this amazingly talented individual.
I urge you to check him out if you ever have the opportunity!
“…It could be opera, it could be rock ‘n roll, it could be a jazz standard, it could be a Motown classic, and it could even be the Finnish National Anthem. Gregory Charles picks requests from a box (he has posts throughout the venue pre-show and during intermission for the audience to fill out), he hums a few notes or describes a certain feel to his band – without naming the song – and all of a sudden you are swept away into the past or present (as if the band and Charles knew it all along)… and you begin to understand the immense and multi-talents that lie within this one unique individual. That is the second half of Gregory Charles’ stunning new one-man-show, Black & White.
Some think a story like Charles’should start at the beginning. The trouble is once you experience Gregory Charles’ Black & White, you begin wondering if the story truly has a beginning or if it is just one wonderful mixture of storytelling, comedy, singing, dancing and musicianship that is tied together by Charles’ own uniquely talented upbringing.”
A true experience. I enjoyed it more than Cirque Du Soleil and Blue Man Group. No kidding.