Great Service From Two Major Corporations In One Night

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Videotron promised to come by tonight between 5 – 8 pm to install two more cable lines and my new ultimate speed internet connection. At 5:15 two cable guys showed up and did the job in 15 minutes flat. They were polite, took their shoes off before coming in and were patient with my internet email questions.
Ten minutes later my Rogers Blackberry Intellisync died. If you’re curious about my passion for Blackberry, check this out (mine is the first post at the bottom). Needless to say the horror of not being able to sync my Outlook and Blackberry was getting the best of me. After fruitless Google searches and a personal diagnostic, I succumbed and called Rogers’ customer service. Not only did I get a human being in only two automated voice command hits but he solved my dilemma super fast and stayed on the line while I verified that it was working. He also showed me a cool trick that I was unaware of in Windows XP.
My point?
It’s a damn sad day when I have to Blog about getting good service from two world-leading companies. It’s even sadder that most people who post about those companies are bitching about bad service or having to deal with a lesser of two evils. I’m just happy that all’s well and I’m back online.