Graphic Design USA Discusses Logo Trends 2005

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I first found out about Graphic Design USA Magazine’s feature article, Logo Trends 2005, from Fast Company Magazine Blog, FC Now, post: Logo, Going, Gone posted by Heath Row today.
For designers, the word “trend” is a locust. It makes the assumption that originality is replaced by what works. As the article contends: “Trends are not an accusation of some widespread lack of original thinking. Instead, they are a sign of design evolution in our ever-shrinking world.”
Designers, more and more, are becoming marketing wizards. They have to be. They must focus in on the customer’s needs and what experiences the customer wants. As a creative person it can be hard to do what’s best for others while still keeping that creativity at a high level.
From personal experience, it is always a challenge to find the right designers. Ones who can take the strategic vision and migrate it into a brand that can resonate through many channels. You would be surprised how many brands have a hard time in the digital space. It has to look as compelling and experiential on a business card as it does on a website or a mammoth banner at a trade show.
Graphic Design USA’s Logo Trends 2005 is a worthwhile read… and if it’s not, it’s still cool to see a bunch of logos – created all over the place – that do have a parallel style or trend. Even if you hate that word.