Google's Driverless Car Project – Everything You Need To Know

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This is simply fascinating… and very exciting.

How often do you get a chance to peer into the future? It feels like Google is giving us this opportunity on a much more frequent basis than any one of us could have ever imagined. Whether it’s Google Glass, their hefty acquisition in the robotics space, attempts to connect the last few billion people on earth and, driverless cars, of course. Over a year ago, I was able to take a Google driverless car for a test drive (I guess, in theory, it took me for a test drive). It was eye opening. It worked. It was efficient. It was smart. It was picking up things on the road (like construction pylons) that I didn’t even see. It made realize that Google wasn’t trying to make a robot a better driver than a human being, but that Google was trying to create something that was a better at driving than any human could ever possibly be. With that, Charlie Rose, recently sat down with the two Googlers who are leading the driverless car project team. How they talk about this opportunity (and the challenges) and what it means to humanity is inspiring and very exciting.

Are you ready to always be a passenger?