Google Blog Search Service

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Almost three years ago Google purchased Blogger from Pyra Labs – which is a wildfire of success in terms of Blog publishing. As anyone who knows anything about the search space knows: we were all waiting, with bated breathe, for a true search tool for Blogs.
Today Google launched their beta Blog search service, which can be found here: Google Blog Search.
According to Jason Goldman, who is the product manager for Google’s Blog Search, “we look for sites that update pinging services, and then we crawl in real-time so that we can serve up search results that are as fresh as we can.”
After playing around with Google Blog Search the potential as the product gets developed and populated is obvious.
I read an article today in SearchDay titled, Google Launches Industrial Strength Blog Search by Chris Sherman. According to Sherman’s article, Google defines a Blog as “sites that use RSS and other structured feeds and update content on a regular basis.”
Google Blog Search is a tool you should certainly check out. I look forward to seeing how this will soon be integrated for Podcasting, Vlogging and other instant personal publishing mediums.
Google is still way ahead of the pact in terms of search and these all seem like the perfect verticals to be covering. The true power will come once they can merge and manage all of these results for optimal searching desires.