Google Alerts Spam – A New Low In Search Engine Spam

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Today I got a Google Alerts email for the term “Google” – I did ask to receive those. But this email came with a long list of links that are supposed to be the latest news surrounding Google. What I got was six out of seven results from a new source called Money Plans out of Mumbai, India. It had “news” titles like:
– Google’s IPO Estimated at $36 Billion
– Google Offers Powerful Tools For Successful Sales On The Web
– Google’s New SEO Rules
There are more. When you click on any of the links it drives you to a site that is littered with Google Adwords with some of the original press release copy thrown in at the bottom.
Upon further investigation, I found that the core Money Plans website explains their company as:
“Money Plans provides stock market live data and industry news. Our Website provides the latest information about the market action in the real time as well as company results, information on bonds, banking and finance sector.
The website is run by Indica Investment Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
During the market hours, we post live stories on our website along with the reports and market commentary from various analysts across the country. We also provide live quotes during the market hours.”
I’m not sure I understand what Money Plans is after. If people are clicking on these Google Adwords and they’re making money per click and that’s the model – fine. If they are testing news forms of driving traffic that is going to drive something as useful as Google Alerts into the toilet like email spam, I will be frustrated, disappointed but not surprised.
As I watch additional Google Alerts come in, I am seeing more and more from Money Plans on many different search terms. My only additional thoughts are that someone is paying a bunch of people in India to pump in “news” to generate traffic and clicks.
So now, welcome to Google Alerts Spam.