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Where does Jonathan Fields come from?

I am fascinated by people who are great at having conversations. I have a deep admiration for people like Charlie Rose and Howard Stern (say what you will about both of them). In the new media world, there are few people that have made that kind of ascent. Jonathan Fields from Good Life Project, could well be one of them. I have been following his video show from day one, and if you haven’t caught any episodes, go ahead and check out his conversations with Brene Brown, Seth Godin and Dan Ariely. Those should be enough to send you deep down into the worm hole. Yes, you will get lost for days. You will learn. You will grow. You will be compelled to share these conversations with everyone you know. When people tell me that they’re down, not sure what to do next or simply looking for some smart new ways to think, I’ll immediately point them to Field’s Good Life Project. Jonathan is also the author of the book, Uncertainty – Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, which I also love dearly. When I was offered the opportunity to appear on Good Life Project, I immediately said, "yes!" and I could hardly contain myself. We recorded this conversation in New York City in the middle of May, and I’m thrilled that Jonathan published it today. If you have yet to subscribe to Good Life Project, you can now subscribe to it as a podcast as well.

Here it is: Time to Ctrl Alt Delete Your Life


  1. Mercy, Mitch! I just lost several days watching all of the All Things Digital sessions, lol! The Good Life project videos are pretty awesome though. And Howard Stern is one of the best interviewers of all time IMO.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Jonathan and the webinar with David Thomas.

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