Go Ahead And Make A Ruckus

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You will find the most amazing things on YouTube.

How was your build-up to 2015? Have you stumbled or stuck to your goals? Is your year starting off strong or are you struggling? 2014 was a strange year. Going through the past twelve months, I had countless encounters with people – just like you – in various cities all over the world. Maybe, we all just want to present a happy and positive story when we see each other in person. I heard nothing but how great 2014 was from both a business and personal growth point of view. Then, as the year came to a close, I started noticing another trend: a lot of people on Facebook were basically saying, “see ya 2014… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” I’m not sure what happened in between meeting these people and the end of the year, but things did change. Personally, I had a very challenging 2014. The highs were extremely high. The lows were extremely low. In short, it was quite the year, and it was filled with a lot of dramatic change. Beyond picking my three words for 2015, I like to prime the year by watching, reading and listening to as much motivational and smart thinking as possible. One of the best ways of doing this (in my humble opinion), is to choose someone you love and respect and do a search for them on YouTube. Don’t stop there. Once you’ve done the search, hit the “filter” button under the search bar and then sort by upload date. Now, you will be able to see everything from these people in chronological order (from most recent to oldest). This is exactly how I found this question and answer segment with Seth Godin from the 99u conference. It’s called, Keep Making A Ruckus, and it fired me up.

I hope this fires you up as well…