Gladwell Versus Surowiecki

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I’ve Blogged countless times about The Tipping Point and Blink Author, Malcolm Gladwell. I also recently mentioned James Surowiecki who is also a New York-based Journalist and the author of The Wisdom Of Crowds.
Today I was referred to this link on Slate where you can see a battle of the minds unfolding as they dissect and discuss their latest works.
It is part of Slate’s Book Club and is titled, Blink And The Wisdom Of Crowds. The site describes the many entries like this:
“James Surowiecki and Malcolm Gladwell are friends and colleagues at The New Yorker, and both have recently written books about decision-making. In Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Gladwell explores how people make rapid decisions in a wide range of situations, from fighting fires and wars to living ordinary lives. In The Wisdom of Crowds, Surowiecki explains, as his subtitle puts it, ‘Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations.’ This ‘Book Club’ gives them a chance to air their points of difference by reviewing each other’s books.”
Happy Reading and thank for the link Michael.