Getting On-board The Cluetrain Manifesto

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I’m embarrassed. Really embarrassed. I’ve had a copy of The Cluetrain Manifest by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger since it came out but I never read it.
Lately I’ve been working on some personal goals and they include reading a book for a certain amount of time every day. It’s been a great experience and I’ve been devouring a lot of great reads. My latest (I’m about halfway through) is The Cluetrain Manifesto. So yes, it may be about five years too late but WOW!
… And these guys did not even know about stuff like Blogs, Podcasting, etc… back then.
How’s this: “We are waking up and linking to each other. We are watching. But we are not waiting.”
Here’s the question: if you are looking for ways to market and communicate with your customers, have you taken a look at The Cluetrain Manifesto? Am I too late? Did I miss the boat (err Train)?
I also read another rant in the book on PR which made me think. A lot. More on that later.
Check out the website – you can read the entire book for free online: The Cluetrain Manifesto Website.
Blogs are good for lots of things: including shaming yourself. Well, shame on me for waiting this long to read The Cluetrain Manifesto.
It’s just one of those days.