George Carlin Passes – Seven Words Live On

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I was very sad to read that George Carlin passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. It’s very sad. The power of a Blog is to demonstrate individuality, personality and what matters most. I’d be remised to not mention this news and pay a small tribute to Carlin. As a writer, I always marvelled at how comedians do what they do – it’s got to be one of the toughest professions out there: you have to make people laugh (and, usually, you have nothing but your wit and mouth up there).

Carlin sure used both of those in abundance.

Here’s his classic Seven Words skit from YouTube:

It’s Carlin, so you’ve been warned that there is language and that this is not work safe.

I actually met Carlin a long ways back. I was in Los Angeles attending a conference and for fun, we went out to catch a live taping of his short-lived sitcom… it was very memorable.


(ht – Lesley for the video link).

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