Geeked Out At Geek Dinner Toronto IV

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It was quite the night at Geek Dinner Toronto IV tonight.
After the AIMS Canada event, Should Your Company Be Podcasting?, a group of close to forty Toronto Digerati headed over to Marcel’s on King Street where we commandeered the top floor and created conversation heat in what was very chilly room (from a temperature point of view).
A special thanks are in order to Kathryn Lagden of AIMS Canada – Association of Internet Marketing and Sales and Julia Brown (correction: Julia Stein), the Sophisticated Bohemian and PR Flack from Fleishman Hillard, for hooking up the location (As Borat would say, “great success”).
We had multiple tables that mixed the likes of Podsafe music artists with Bloggers, Podcasters and other new media mavens. I was fortunate enough to have One Degree Founder and Editor, Ken Schafer, on my right. We spent most of dinner yapping about DemoCamp and Technorati to Podcasting and a deep discussion about how all of the content we are creating online (along with the people we link to) fosters this very interesting and unique legacy that will not only live on forever, but will also be able to tell our individual story in a way a corporate bio or eulogy never could.
Imagine following someone’s LinkedIn, Blog posts, flickr sets, Podcasts and MySpace page. Think of the depth in trails of who they are linked to, what they appreciated and who this individual connected others through. When that person passes, this legacy lives on – no broken links, except for the “big one.”
You can be sure that Ken and I went deeper on this topic and it got me thinking about the true power of social media and social networks. We had a room full of people, connected mostly through an online conversation. Not defined by demographics or psychographics. Not defined by sex, race or age. These people are defined by who they are at their core and the people who connect with that.
It’s an interesting social experiment and even more fascinating when applied to marketing: who is your target market?
More likely than not, it’s a diverse group of people who are open to your message. A specific tribe – almost a family. Marketers need to raise the bar and engage these people because of what their interests are, as opposed to who they are.
I could not even tell you if the food was good or bad. I can’t recount what the temperature was. I can tell you that the stories and conversations are still dancing in my head.
If you think Geek Dinners are all about geeks, you clearly misunderstood the self-deprecating title.


  1. Hey Mitch, great presentation – I really enjoyed your ability to blend the practical with the irreverent (Askaninja’s podcasting is: apple pie for whales :)).
    Wish I could have made the dinner, sounds like another smashing success with a ton of great convo all around (and a bigger location than La Pallete).
    Geek is the new black.

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