Geek Dinner Toronto Is Tomorrow… And At Capacity

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I love the fact that we have close to sixty people confirmed and attending the Geek Dinner Toronto tomorrow night.
I know that both Michael Seaton (Scotiabank and The Client Side) and Julia Stein (Fleishman Hillard and Sophisticated Bohemian) are equally blown away by the response to this last-minute meet-up.
I hate the fact that there were close to a dozen people that we had to turn away because the restaurant is at capacity.
So, on the one hand, I’m loving the fact that the Toronto Digerati are coming out in full force, and, on the other hand, it’s always hard to say “sorry, no room left,” as we all continue to build this community.
There have been some thoughts around changing it in the future from a dinner to cocktails (Geek Drinks?). This might be a model worth testing. My one fear with changing it from dinner to drinks is that it goes from conversation to traditional networking environment. Truth is, I don’t know how I feel about that.
Apologies to those who did not respond fast enough. Again, the spirit of all of this is to build and foster the Digital Marketing community, and all three of us hate to say “no” to anyone.
If I don’t see you tomorrow night at Geek Dinner Toronto, I hope to see you at the next event.


  1. Here’s an idea: why not have an overflow meetup for the 12 who were turned away? Even if those 12 can’t have dinner with the rockstar from Montreal, they can meet with each other.
    Then, the people that are interested from both groups could meet up at another fine local establishment at 8:30 or so for some drinks.
    I’m always impressed with the way the Toronto crowd comes together for these last-minute kinds of events. We do decently in Boston, but the Toronto social media crowd is clearly very strong.

  2. I thought about it Bryan, but I’m terrible at organizing stuff like this (hence, the help from Julia and Michael) and the thought of having to find another meet-up location, booking it, confirming the people, etc… is just too much work at this point.
    Lesson learned that I’ll have to rent a convention centre for the next one 😉
    But you are right, Toronto has an amazing group of people and they are eager to connect in person as well.

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