Geek Dinner Toronto – Next Week – Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

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I was just chatting with Michael Seaton (Scotiabank and The Client Side) and Julia Stein (Fleishman Hillard and Sophisticated Bohemian) about my overnight stay in Toronto next week, when it hit me: “it’s been far too long since the last Geek Dinner Toronto.”
So here we go:
Geek Dinner Toronto
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
6:00 pm
Location: TBD based on the size of the group size, but figure somewhere in the Toronto downtown area ( and yes, we’re open to suggestions as well).
Now, it’s your turn: come and join us at Geek Dinner Toronto. No need to worry, you do not need to be a “geek.” It’s just a random get-together of Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Bloggers and Podcasters.
Basically, anyone interested in New Media.
It’s pretty simple: show up, have dinner (you pay your own way) and enjoy some great conversation with great people.
As always, I’ll have my trusted M-Audio MicroTrack on hand, so you never know what kind of audio might show up on a future episode of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast.
Interested in coming? Please let me know (email me or leave a comment below) as we need to make a reservation (especially if it turns out like the last one did!).
There you have it. I hope to see you next Wednesday at Geek Dinner Toronto.


  1. Oooops may have spoke too soon, looks like I may have pre-parenting duties that night. Will see if it can all be worked out…

  2. Wow… this is great. We already have 30 people confirmed. Now, we just need a place to house us and feed us all. Something tells me more people will also want to join.
    It will be an excellent night. Stay tuned for final details!

  3. The always helpful (and perfect) Julia Stein has secured Eggplant located at 236 King Street East for our Geek Dining Extravaganza. She’s currently finalizing the menu and details.
    More to follow.

  4. We’re actually edging very close to 60 RSVPs. Here’s how it’s going to work for now:
    If you are interested in attending and have not added a comment above this one or done so via email, please email me.
    Julie Stein is putting together the reservation now. Once this is confirmed, I’ll send out the email with the details. Again, if you’ve RSVP’d here (prior to this comment) or via email, I have your name on an Excel list.
    Everyone after this post will have to be on stand-by until I’ve reconfirmed the numbers.
    Looks like this will be an amazing Geek Dinner!

  5. OK, I just sent out (via email) the details and the confirmation email for Geek Dinner next Wednesday night.
    A special thanks to Julia Stein for arranging the resto and the fixed-price menu.
    If you did not get the email, feel free to contact me(by email) and I’ll put you on the stand-by list. As of now we’re packed.
    Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday!

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