Gapingvoid Because Seth Godin Says So… And It's Good For You

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Sometimes there is so much great information in Blogs that it’s hard to remember, organize and really spread long after it was published. No matter how genius it is.
Once again, thanks to Seth Godin‘s recent Blog post, Almost A Year Ago…, he links to one of the best Blog postings I have ever had the pleasure of reading from gapingvoid, How To Be Creative (Long Version). It’s so strong that I forwarded it around the office and printed up a copy to keep on hand.
Not only is gapingvoid the breeding ground for some great creative sparks but when it is coupled with a nod from a thought marketer like Seth Godin (whose most recent book, All Marketers Are Liars, comes out next week), it is hard to ignore.
There are many lessons in How To Be Creative (Long Version) – and, most importantly, it’s one hundred percent not just for creative types. I would say it’s probably an even more important read for leaders, managers and anyone who works with teams.
UPDATE: Thanks Tara for pointing me to – and for reminding that you did so 😉