Future Shock Brings Us To Present Shock

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Want something that will get you to think deeply about where are and where we’re going?

This past week, Tools Of Change For Publishing conference took place in New York City. It was another stellar line-up of speakers who looked at the present and future state of publishing. One of my favorite new media brains is Douglas Rushkoff. I could rattle off his very impressive credentials from bestselling book author, to teach to graphic novel writer, but you would be better served, checking out his bio on your own. His newest book, Present Shock – When Everything Happens Now, comes out on March 21st, 2013 and he decided to preview the content in this very compelling fifteen minute presentation at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

Watch this…

But wait, that’s not all!

If that didn’t blow your mind, Rushkoff also held this fireside chat with Evan Williams (he did a couple of popular startups you may know: Blogger and Twitter). This one runs about fifteen minutes as well…


  1. This post of Present Shock not only compelling but relevant with our lives, businesses, and information being more dynamic now than any other time in history.
    With so much info rapidly being thrown at us, our time and attention is increasingly becoming a most precious resource. How do we decipher what to listen to, or more importantly, what to ignore? Authenticity is key with Present Shock bombarding us.

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