From Rides To Rakes With Uber Tasks

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Can your Uber driver do some gardening for you?

Uber is testing a new service called Uber Tasks, which is similar to TaskRabbit.
This service will allow users to hire Uber drivers and couriers for household chores and projects.
The pilot program for Uber Tasks is set to launch in Fort Myers, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta in the coming weeks.

Can your Uber driver help you deliver your baby?

OK, that was sarcasm, but users can post tasks like furniture assembly, snow removal, laundry, packing/unpacking, holiday decorating, yard cleanup, garden maintenance, and lawn mowing.
Drivers and couriers from Uber can browse and opt-in for these tasks, with estimated earnings shown upfront.
Is this a great way to provide more earning opportunities for drivers and couriers that have additional skills over driving a car and to earn more flexibly?

How’s the business of Uber?

Uber reported its second profitable quarter in 2023, but is experiencing slow growth.
The company is exploring various avenues for additional revenue, such as a flight booking service in the UK and integrating video ads into its apps.


  • Does this just make things more complex for the gig economy?
  • Is this good for the Uber brand?
  • How will Uber maintain quality control?
  • Is this a layer of operational complexity that Uber can handle?
  • Is this what Uber customers want?

This is what Elias Makos and I discussed on CJAD 800 AM. Listen in right here.

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