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Ken Schafer over at One Degree – Where Canadian Internet Marketing Professionals Gather – has been playing around with domain names and the power of Blogs at the expense of the new Bell Canada TV commercials featuring two beavers, Frank And Gordon.
After seeing the spots for the first time during the Superbowl, Schafer hopped online to see if Bell, and their agency – Cossette, acquired the domain to go along with their official domain, Bell did not, so Ken did. From that domain, he points to his One Degree Blog posting,
Today, Schafer posted: Two Weeks With Gordon And Frank and his statistics are quite amazing. His traffic is increasing as the television campaign sticks and he’s getting all sorts of comments and feedback.
As long as One Degree does not mind paying the hosting bill for all of that misguided traffic, it is interesting – as a case study – to see how the online world reacts to domains, search engines and Blog postings.
Our world keeps getting smaller.
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  1. Just love the beaver commercials… but what i would like to no is who is the other voice other then Norm Mac donald, wasn’t he the voice on the Quizno commercials baby BOb?

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