Four Ways To Get More Value From Digital Marketing

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If we’ve learned one thing about publishing and the Internet, it’s that you can’t always catch many of the great reads out there.

Here’s a fascinating article/report from McKinsey Quarterly titled, Four ways to get more value from digital marketing, which was published in March 2010 that never hit my radar until today.

"Companies that make the deep strategic, organizational, and operational shifts required to become effective digital marketers can become more agile, more productive, and accelerate revenue growth.

Since the dawn of the Internet, marketers have regarded it as a vast laboratory, launching experiment after experiment to crack the code that generates sales and customer loyalty. Not surprising, most have failed. Consumers adopted digital technology as they themselves saw fit, in the process fundamentally altering the way they make purchasing decisions. Companies that understand this evolution are now carefully moving digital interactivity toward the center of their marketing strategies, rethinking their priorities and budgets, and substantially reshaping their processes and skills.

Through our work with dozens of companies navigating this shifting landscape, we have found that the most successful digital marketers focus on managing four core sources of value as they increase the percentage of marketing and channel spending that is directed to digital activities…"

This is an excellent read (and very worthy of the free sign-up to access the full report).

You can grab it here: McKinsey Quarterly – Four ways to get more value from digital marketing.

(hat-tip: Guy Pressault).


  1. Mitch- “you can’t always catch many of the great reads out there.” So TRUE…
    Feedback for you/your team… I read your blog everyday…
    Why? Every single day I LEARN something NEW from YOU
    So… Thankn You… Brian-

  2. Hi Mitch, I enjoyed your presentation today at the B2B Marketing Profs conference. I really like this article and after three days at the marketing profs conference.. my views on marketing have dramatically changed. I have been in marketing for over 20 years and remember and lived through the excitement of the world. This digital/connected era is much bigger and most companies are just dipping their toe in the water right now in terms of shaping the way they do business in it. I can’t wait to get deeper in the water here. It’s all very exciting.

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