Foreword Thinking: The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast Gets Announced

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For the past little while I have been hinting that a new Podcast was in the works and I have also been hinting at changes to the Montreal Business Book Review. While the deal has been in place since before the holidays and the official press release will come out in a little while, I could not resist the temptation to tell you about a new adventure I’m involved with.
I was contact by HarperCollins Canada about the possibility of creating a Podcast on the topic of business and personal development (motivational) books. The timing was perfect as I was grappling with the Montreal Business Book Review’s future. The Montreal Business Book Review email list has over three hundred Montreal business professionals on it, but each month, our discussions would be attended by four-twelve enthusiasts. While that amount is perfect for a lively discussion, it was unclear how to get the word out on a bigger scale.
HarperCollins Canada and Twist Image are producing Foreword Thinking: The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast and I will be the host. We’re looking at publishing every two weeks and each episode will feature conversations with some of the best and brightest business and personal development thinkers in the world. There will also be a news segment, book reviews, lots of cool contests and, of course, the ability for you to participate.
Right now, it’s all very fresh. Twist Image is setting up the brand for Foreword Thinking along with the supporting Blog, etc… Foreword Thinking has also secured our first two guests, so those interviews should be conducted in the coming weeks.
We’re hoping to launch episode one of Foreword Thinking: The Business And Motivational Book Review Podcast very soon. Watch this space for more details, and if you have any ideas for content you would like to hear, please let me know.
Lastly, it was very much a mutual decision between HarperCollins Canada and Twist Image to make sure that Foreword Thinking is not a shill for HarperCollins titles. Granted, they do have a boatload of great authors, but you can rest assured that this Podcast will cover all great thinkers, regardless of which imprint they’re published on.


  1. LOVE this idea and can’t wait to subscribe. Of course now your going to just fill my head with more books that I need to read. *grin*
    “Made to Stick” is the book that I just finished and am reccomending to everyone.

  2. Podcasts are really great and I would gladly download this.
    I love listening to books from tapes back in the day, but with the podcast it just got more convenient for people like me c”,
    Learn, Adapt, Accomplish c”,
    Thanks and great page and posts…having this on my RSS reader.

  3. geez, this will be a great event.
    I’m sure this will help thousands of people who wants information about publication and how to generate income through writing.
    when will be the first podcast episode?

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