Foreword Thinking Podcast – The Book (Podcast) Is Out Of The Bag

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HarperCollins Canada Presents: Foreword Thinking – The Business and Motivational Book Review Podcast is about to launch. Today, the news of its pending debut was the Marketing Daily Top Story over at Marketing Magazine: HarperCollins Launches Podcasts With A Twist.
The content of the Foreword Thinking audio Podcast will revolve around discussing business and motivational books with the authors and people like you. The first episode, which is out now, features an interview with founding partner and former editor of Fast Company Magazine, Bill Taylor, about his newest book, Mavericks At Work – Why The Most Original Minds In Business Win, which he co-authored with Polly LaBarre. As part of the launch, we’re giving away a great HarperCollins Canada four-pack of books.
We’ve done some initial seed marketing by talking to fellow Bloggers and Podcasters, and in the coming days we will support the launch of Foreword Thinking – The Business and Motivational Book Review Podcast with some Google AdWords and other digital opportunities. We’re still waiting for iTunes to pick it up – but that should happen any moment.
I have to admit, this is a new kind of partnership for everyone at Twist Image. Not only were we part of the initial concept behind Foreword Thinking, but our agency was asked to create the Blog and I was asked to host the show. Why a challenge? Usually, I’m not the face-person AND the agency behind the endeavour, so it’s a little strange (in a good way) for me. A serious high-five though goes to Steve Osgoode over at HarperCollins Canada. More companies need passionate, visionary and get-it-done folk like Steve. Foreword Thinking is really his baby.
As with everything in the social media space, a new Podcast like Foreword Thinking will only work if people who are passionate about business and motivation books join the community by adding their thoughts, feedback, commentary and suggestions.
As an aside, I am very passionate about this project. As many of you know, I started the Montreal Business Book Review several years back and reading these types of books is one of my main life pursuits. Regardless of whether or not HarperCollins Canada continues to present Foreword Thinking beyond the ten-plus episodes we’ve scheduled, you can bet it will continue on with me. This is an exciting pet-project and I hope you’ll join me in discussion with some of these thought leaders as we do everything we can to make all us better at work and home life.
We’re looking to publish new episodes every two-weeks and we’re also discussing releasing the interviews – in their entirety – at some point in the future if the interest level is there. You can check out the first one here: HarperCollins Canada Presents: Foreword Thinking – The Business and Motivational Book Review Podcast.
You can also read the Marketing Magazine news item here: Marketing Magazine – HarperCollins Launches Podcasts With A Twist.


  1. great news.. can’t wait to hear it.
    Now for all the CAPOW friends out there, that whooshing sound you hear is Forward Thinking shooting out of the gates straight for Number One!
    All the best of success Mitch and HarperCollins

  2. Congrats Mitch,
    It sounds like your passion for podcasting directly lead to this opportunity. How is that for ROI.

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