Fast Company Fast 50 and Mitch Joel

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I love referring to myself in the third-party. Makes me feel like a old-skool rap star. A very kind person took a lot of their personal time and put together the following profile and entered me into this year’s Fast 50 from Fast Company Magazine.
My entry is titled, Giver’s Gain – Profit With A Difference, and you can view it here. I’m not sure if this is a popularity contest or not but they are looking for people to comment, so if you don’t mind hoping over there (if you have something nice to say 😉 it would be greatly appreciated. Again, please comment on the Fast Company link here and not below (as those come only to me).
According to the site, “The Fast 50 is Fast Company magazine’s annual readers’ challenge, a worldwide search for ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our goal is to remind the world of all the good that’s created when passionate people with big ideas and strong convictions are determined to make a difference.”
In case you live under a rock, Fast Company Magazine is “the only idea-driven business title. It provides impact players in business with the best thinking, best tools and best practices to outsmart and outperform the competition. Fast Company is about innovation, creativity, leadership, and vision.”
Fast Company is one of my favorite print publications and man, would it be cool to be a part of this year’s Fast 50. Even if I don’t make the Fast 50, I’m just honored that someone took their own time to do this for me. Very cool. Very unnecessary. Very thoughtful.