Fast Company And Business 2.0 – Magazines To Read

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You would think in this fast-paced world of free e-newsletters and today’s newspapers becoming later that morning’s fishwrap that the soulful art of magazine publishing would be going the way of Michael Jackson’s marketability.
Fact is if you’re not reading Fast Company and Business 2.0 monthly you’re missing out. No, they’re not paying me for this (I actually have a paid subscription to both). I truly believe that page after page offers insanely intense content on who’s doing what, why and how.
Sure, over the years it could be argued that the magazines have changed (some say for the better, some say for the worse), but ultimately they have a huge value add and link directly into very robust websites.
I’m not asking you to join the Montreal Business Book Club (well, actually I am) or commit to something overly time-consuming. I am saying to drop the $50 per year to stay in the loop, get new ideas and business brainstorm your guts out on a monthly basis.
It’s a cheap barrier to entry to be an agent of change.