Facebook Inside Your Brain – Tech Tuesday In Two Minutes

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How do you feel about Facebook knowing what’s going on inside your brain?

In the news this week: Facebook is working on wristbands that let you control a computer with your mind.
Step aside, Star Trek… we’re almost ready for life to become more science than science fiction.
Facebook’s Reality Labs, which has been studying the world of augmented reality and virtual reality, can grab your brain’s signals and use them to control computers.


This is the deal: These wristbands use sensors to grab your electrical motor nerve signals and turn them into digital commands.
So long mouse… clicking… swiping… and, well… all that jazz.
Facebook says it’s not reading your mind.
This technology doesn’t know what you’re thinking, but it knows what you’re trying to get your hands to do.

Would you let Facebook inside your brain?

This is what Heather Backman and I discussed this morning over on Jack 103 FM for a couple of minutes.

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