Evian Water Is Heroin Chic

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We have great offices at Twist Image. We’re located in the heart of the most stylish and unique part of Montreal. With that comes the usual slew of problems. It is not uncommon to have drug addicts roaming the back alley that separates our parking lot from the rear-entrance to our building.
Over the years we’ve had tweaking freaks sleeping in our doorway and we’ve seen our share of tiny Ziploc bags with different icons on them, needles and the like.
This morning, as I walked through the doorway I notice an empty syringe package, a small Ziploc and a bottle of Evian water.
Evian. For the discriminating heroin shooter.
I tired imagining what kind of deep branding is associated to Evian when someone chooses that type of water to help them shoot up. Fact is, at the convenience store nearby they have every kind of water… my guess is that Evian is not the cheapest.
It gave a whole new meaning to “heroin chic” for me. Think about it, it’s ok to shoot up in a filthy unenclosed doorway of a back alley, but only if you’re using Evian water to get your fix.