Evan Marien On This Month's Groove – The No Treble Podcast

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Evan Marien is this month’s conversation on Groove – The No Treble Podcast.

You can listen the new episode right here: Groove – The No Treble Podcast – Episode #41 – Evan Marien.

Who is Evan Marien?

Simply put, Evan Marien is a very exciting bass player. The composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist grew up in Illinois, but Brooklyn is now his home. And yes, he’s super active on YouTube and pushing his own projects, but you may not know that Evan was also the last bassist to work with the legendary guitarist, Allan Holdsworth. Evan attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. While there, he honed his chops in the fusion, microtonal, and contemporary music scenes with Fiuczynski’s “KiF” and “Microjam” bands, including the honor of playing and recording with the legendary drummer Jack DeJohnette on the album Planet Microjam. How’s this for crazy: In 2009, Marien graduated Cum Laude from Berklee and the same year was voted in the Bass Player Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards, one of the top three “Most Exciting New Players.” He hasn’t stopped from there. In 2011, he started working fellow Berklee student, Dana Hawkins. The recordings with Hawkins became the project now know as Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins. While he’s still at it with that project, he’s also recorded under the moniker, EMAR. Recently, Evan can be seen touring with electronic singer-songwriter Elliot Moss and Thundercat drummer Justin Brown‘s NYEUSI. He has also recorded or performed with Virgil Donati, Wayne Krantz, Zach Danziger, Louis Cole, Marko Djordjevic’s Sveti, Mike Slott, Tim Miller, Ari Hoenig, Sebastiaan Cornelissen and many other incredible music makers and instrumentalists.

Enjoy the conversation…

Listen in: Groove – The No Treble Podcast – Episode #41 – Evan Marien.

What is Groove – The No Treble Podcast?

This is an ambitious effort. This will be a fascinating conversation. Our goal at Groove is to build the largest oral history of bass players. Why Groove? Most of the content about the bass revolves around gear, playing techniques, and more technical chatter. For us, bassists are creative artists with stories to tell. They are a force to be reckon with. These are the stories and conversation that we will capture. To create this oral history of why these artists chose the bass, what their creative lives are like, and where inspiration can be found.