Enter Mike Lipkin

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My good friend, Robert Gervais, from Pre2Post told me about this great speaker. His name is Mike Lipkin. Mike is actually speaking at the upcoming The Power Within Sales Mastery day conference in Toronto on April 28th, 2004. If all goes well, I will be Blogging from there (first time for everything). You can check out this conference at http://www.powerwithin.com/events_toronto.html. Now, on the to the good stuff. Mike has a book out called Luck Favours The Brave (it’s my next purchase) and on his site, here, you should definitely check out his excerpt from the book: Disarming Anxiety (you need to scroll down past the book cover to click it). I’m looking forward to seeing his presentation. You should also click on the “Watch Mike Live In Action” area as well. He’s very animated.