Duran Duran Gets A Virtual Second Life

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Stuff like this is going to become a regular occurrence. Do not let this freak you out. When a band like Duran Duran decides to create their own Avatars and lead a second life in Second Life, it only further validates that people are interested in better understanding how these online communities are affecting the fabric of our lives.
Duran Duran is not just performing a concert in Second Life. They will have their own property and area for them (and fans) to grow, learn and share. Never ones to shy away from technology, some might remember that Duran Duran were one of the first bands to jump on the video craze, they were also one of the first have their music available for download off the Internet and, arguably, one of the first to truly implicate technology into their live shows.
Here’s a quote from guitarist Andy Taylor off of the Duran Duran Gets A Virtual “Life” article via E! Online:
“Second Life is the future right now, offering endless possibilities for artists,” Rhodes said. “Our community will be able to help develop the island into a fully functional, futuristic utopia, where you can never be quite sure what to expect.”
People laughed when The Beatles used to make very future-based sounding statements. While I am in no way comparing Duran Duran to The Beatles, I respect them deeply for jumping in with both feet and really allowing themselves to get wet and soak in the Second Life world.
For marketers, the implications continue to grow: new channels to speak to consumers. New ways to engage in deeper conversations and more opportunities to create unique communications that transcend the standard press release pap.