Don’t Run Out of The Future

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Don’t run out of the future.

Dark clouds don’t mean that there’s not a big blue sky that is up there, always present and much bigger than those clouds.
Dark clouds are just this moment.
We need those dark clouds.
You can’t have a big blue sky without occasional dark clouds.
That’s the deal.
That’s how it works.
If you’re you’re struggling with that concept today, check out the book, The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.

We can’t cancel the future.

Don’t do it.
It’s ok to feel it.
A little past that.
These are truly weird and strange times.
Strange days indeed.
But you must find the good in today and the greatness in tomorrow.
If you’re struggling with that concept today, check out Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

The best ideas start today and harvest into the future.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be productive today.
This doesn’t mean that you have to crater everything that you did before and start again.
This does mean that opportunity is still abound.

This I believe:

The next great innovations are fermenting as these words hits your eyes.
The thinking.
The dreaming.
The daydreaming.
The walking.
The notes.
The time away.
The time to let ideas marinate.
Problems that you have been twisting in your mind’s wind are being solved inside of you right now.
Because of this moment.

The virus didn’t just stop work and the economy.

The virus stopped your hamster from being on its wheel.
The virus is now letting your brain have access to things other than your day to day work and regular schedule.
The virus is like a long, hot shower, and your brain is doing what it does.

Allow your brain to think other things.

Even negative thoughts that you haven’t had in a while will spark new and different thoughts.
Let your brain (and body) float down this stream.
Do not try to fight the current.
Float with the current.
There is nothing wrong with floating.
There is nothing wrong with the current.

You are floating towards your future.

The future will be different.
The future will be better.
The future will be filled with new ideas, innovations (and, yes, new challenges).
When your thoughts wander up to the dark clouds, don’t forget about the big blue sky over those clouds.
That’s where your future is.
Keep going.

Don’t run out of the future.