Do The Kind Thing

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How do you want it? Cheap, fast and great. Fine, but you can only choose two of those things.

It’s one of those famous business lines. You can’t have it all… or can you? Daniel Lubetzky wanted to create a snack that was both tasty and healthy, convenient and wholesome, in a company that is both economically sustainable and socially impactful. Crazy? A long shot? Over a decade later, KIND has done it. They have an “and” business philosophy to challenge commonly held assumptions. This thinking has created one of the fastest growing healthy snacks business in North America. Most recently, Lubetzsky took part in a conversation at Google to discuss his business philosophy and leadership, which has also been tuned into a bestselling business book called, Do The KIND Thing. In a strange twist of fate, I first sampled these delicious KIND bars, while visiting the Googleplex many years ago… and I was hooked. KIND’s business wasn’t always sweet and filled with treats. It’s an amazing story about leadership, vision, positioning and hard work. Something we all need to think that much more about.

Do The KIND Thing – In conversation with CEO and founder, Daniel Lubetzky.