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I’m a parent. I’ve got two kids. Life changes when you have kids.

The truth is that life changes when you become an uncle (or an aunt) or when you have kids in your life. Prior to that experience, you tend to see kids screaming or having meltdowns in the airport and you think to yourself, "I’m glad that’s not me." Now, when I see kids having a meltdown I feel for the parents and I want to help out in any way possible. Have you ever been to a children’s hospital? That’s when reality really kicks in. Being a parent has changed me… dramatically. I used to love watching boxing and UFC, but I can hardly stand violence or anything combative (this includes violent movies, etc…). I’m a sucker for a good story, and where I used to think that I was dead inside, I now shed a tear for some of the most inane things in life.

Suffering sucks.

With those emotional changes comes a complete disdain for things like war and strife. Our world is a very unbalanced place. For the amount of wealth and prosperity that many of us see, the majority of human beings on this planet struggle with access to the most basic of things (like clean water and medical attention). If you’re reading this Blog – no matter how much money you have in the bank – you have hit the genetic lottery. You won. You have access to things like heat, shelter, food, water, etc… As much as suffering sucks, kids suffering sucks more… in fact, it sucks the most.

$20 is all that I am asking of you today.

I know that times are tough. I know that the job market is unstable. I know that you have bills to pay. I also know that you can – without a doubt – scrounge up $20 to save some children’s lives. It is not a big ask and I never really ask this community for anything, but I am asking for your help and support today. Today is End Malaria Day. Kids are dying from malaria simply because they don’t have a malaria net. They’re cheap, easy to manufacture and they know who needs them. All we need is your help to make this happen.

What if I gave you hundreds of dollars in value for your $20? 

This isn’t just an ask to make a blind donation to a good cause. In fact, it’s not a donation at all. I was asked (along with 60+ other authors) to contribute to a book called, End Malaria (and it comes out today on Seth Godin‘s new publishing imprint, The Domino Project). The book is filled with gems from people like Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Chris Brogan, Charlene Li, Jeff Jarvis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sir Ken Robinson… and the hits just keep on coming. The book costs $20 for the Kindle edition and $25 for the paperback. So, I’m asking you to buy a book (or 5 or 10 or 20 or 100 copies) that is filled with golden business goodness (and yes, I’ve read it and there is TONS of good stuff) and in doing so, all of the money ($20 from the sale of every copy will go to Malaria No More). How often in life can you buy a book with this many great thinkers and actually save lives at the same time?

I’ll ask that you look at this differently.

You can do some good. Right now. Today. It’s twenty bucks. In making that happen, you will get the End Malaria book as a souvenir to remind you not just of your good deed, but that kids (young kids, babies) are helpless and they need our help. A strong society is always judged by how we treat our most frail and vulnerable. These kids are our kids.

Will you help and be a true game-changer in our world?… and don’t forget to kiss your kids tonight.

Here’s how to buy the book…


  1. I’ve seen several tweets floating around today about this, but the fact that you took the time to write and personalize it prompted me to click through and buy a book. Thanks for using your platform.

  2. Hi Mitch,
    Hope you are well. What a great blog – I too felt the deep transition as a result of parenthood!
    I have every intention of buying the book to support this very important cause.
    All the best,

  3. If I can afford this on a starving student budget, you can too! Thanks for explaining what all the twitter posts were about.

  4. Great publishing idea, fantastic blog post, and worthy cause. Thanks for using your platform to make a difference – I’m in Australia and just read about it. I’ll be heading to Amazon to buy the book soon (as I do most things that Seth Godin writes/publishes!). Nice to see so many great people being inspirational. Love your work – including your own book too, which I’ve learnt a lot from.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words and support. The book is currently #27 on Amazon for the paperback and #48 in the Kindle store. I know we can get it up into the Top 10 (why not shoot for #1)?
    Please spread the word far and wide… now.
    Many thanks!

  6. Added the story to my blog and bought the book early this morning. Receiving communications similar to those here. I believe hitting the top 10 is well within reach.

  7. Thanks for this Mitch. I had no idea mosquito nets cost this little… or that so many die from malaria. I will be purchasing at least a book (I’m thinking of giving some away as gifts at Christmas). 🙂

  8. Thank you for posting this Mitch. I just purchased the book and will be asking my friends and family to do the same. Hope all is well with you and the team.

  9. While I’d already read Seth’s post today about this book I’m so glad someone pointed me to your blog, your writing is delicious, compelling, and rich. Your children are certainly blessed to have come in with you as a parent.
    I’m buying books as soon as I leave here. Such a simple but powerful gift for these kids and their families who might just live to write their tips because of your work.

  10. Thank you for a beautiful post from the heart. I purchased the paperback version and look forward to reading it. It feels good! Thanks to you, the contributing authors, Seth Godin, and The Domino Project. What a great cause.

  11. I am very pleased to contribute to the End Malaria project and I would like you to do the same. You get a world class book by 62 authors and you help saving someone’s life.
    Thank you,

  12. Time for me to step up and say thanks for all the entertaining hours I’ve spent listening to your podcasts and reading your Blog.
    Purchase Complete!
    Cheers Mitch!

  13. I started implementing a new rule for myself about 10 months ago. If I am contemplating purchasing a book at a bookstore and if that author is currently on my smart phone (via podcast subscriptions), I buy the book. No question. No Excuse. Ever. I choose to support people who give me free quality content.
    Mitch, your knowledge has accompanied me and my smartphones though a journey of many countries…and hopefully someday to Africa. More importantly, it has lead me to great ideas and resources that have helped my career.
    I bought this book within 10 minutes of seeing the advertisement on Seth’s blog last night. After seeing your name and the many others who I respect, I couldn’t imagine not buying it. I love it so far and I can’t wait till the weekend to really dive in.
    In theory, I probably should have purchased 13 copies because I subscribe to podcasts from 13 of the authors.
    Thanks for giving a damn and sharing your talents and your platform.

  14. Done! You are in good company. Thank you for making it happen. This looks like you and 49 other super bloggers will with your readers’ collaboration stun the market and gets others on board. Nifty if the drive by media were to “get on this too.” If they have not already? sQs Delray Beach FL

  15. Just a quick update on this book project…
    1. Thank you all so much for your kind comments and for paying it forward.
    2. The book actually hit #2 on Amazon overall. An instant best-seller because of you all!
    3. There is a free 5-hour (yes, 5-hour!) Webinar/Podcast with interviews from some of the authors (including me). It’s a gift for those who bought the book (and it’s being done on the honor system). You can grab it here:
    Once again, many thanks for everything!

  16. Wow, this has been a pick-me-up kind of reading for me this morning. I feel very blessed to have the things I do. I liked one of the reviews on Amazon from a lady who said $20 is like having 5 cups of coffee-we wouldn’t even think twice about that!
    Thanks for the blog post, Mitch. I’m going to enjoy reading this one.

  17. Hey Mitch,
    Similar to other comments posted here, the fact that you provide incredible insights, information and ideas and never ask for anything in return from your subscribers prompted me to take your request seriously. I have one child and another on the way and I feel very similar to the way you do (I still like some MMA… GSP). Thanks for using your platform to do some good in this world… some more good. If people are lucky enough to have a voice – I’m inspired when they choose to use it for positive change. Keep it up.

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