Digital Marketing Conference 2005 In Toronto

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I have posted a few times about the upcoming Digital Marketing Conference 2005, but I really think you should head over to the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) website and take a look at the content.
I was a part of the organizing committee and we clearly pulled together a top-tier event. All we need now is you.
The Digital Marketing Conference 2005 is taking place in Toronto on Thursday, October 20th, 2005 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
There are a whack-load of great speakers and you get two free books (both authors are speaking at the event) – A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink and Call To Action by Bryan Eisenberg.
This is an important event for the online industry in Canada. Please join us. I will also be doing a session on Blogs with National Post and Macleans journalist, Paul Wells and handling an interactive “Digital Roundtable” on Blogs where we can all discuss the trends and how they affect marketers.
If you would like to meet up at the event, please let me know.
You can check out the website here: Digital Marketing Conference 2005 – CMA – Toronto.
And you can register here: Digital Marketing Conference 2005 – CMA – Registration.