1. I agree Mitch, I’m a big fan too.
    For me the inspiration and awakening was “In Search of Excellence” the godfather of all business books.

  2. Just bought it. LOVED “In Search of Excellence” back in the day – my wife was in commerce and introduced it to me and we discussed it ad infinitum! Great fan letter concept too, Mitch, way to pay it forward. Good start to the weekend for me thanks to you!

  3. Mitch–
    I am profoundly touched by this and proud of you. My little gift the seed that grew into the machine that is Mitch Joel and Twist Image? What better compliment can one get? Okay, a full-fledged Open Fan Letter, but I digress. Seriously, you have made my day. May all the little things we do innocently and unknowingly prove to have such a payoff down the road.

  4. Mitch, I love Welcome to Project: Public Fan Letter (Mitch Joel Version). Your Seth Godin letter and this one to Tom Peters move me.
    I had the recent opportunity to meet one of my social media heroes, Valeria Maltoni, when she visited Kansas City earlier this year — what a wonderful experience and Valeria is a wonderful person. When the opportunities arise, I’m hoping to personally meet more (and you are one of them).
    Tom’s Fast Company Article, The Brand Called You, continues to be one of the most influential pieces of work on my life. I wrote a a multiple-post series on what The Brand Called You meant to me last year. And, I was thrilled when one of those posts was published on the Tom Peters’ “Media Sightings Page.” It’s a milestone that validated for me that I was on the right path in starting my personal blog.
    Thank you for reminding and reinforcing to members of The Six Pixels Community the personal and human nature in everything we do. Because, just like Tom’s influence on you, myself, and millions of others, let’s hope we are positively influencing others through our actions also.

  5. Mitch – this could have been a note from me. At the age of 26 I was named CEO of a small Rockefeller Foundation and to say that I was in over my head would be an understatement. I got my hands on “In Search of Excellence” and everything changed — it gave me the ideas I needed to successfully guide that organization to more than 400% growth over the next few years. I became a Tom Peters groupie – devouring ALL of his books, audios and videos and traveling to see him present live whenever possible. In about 1997 I ended up seated next to Tom on a flight from LA to Hong Kong and we had a great talk.
    Today, much like you Mitch, I spend a good deal of my time giving speeches and teaching seminars – and Tom has been a HUGE influence on my approach and style (although I have not had the honor of sharing the stage with him yet). Since that first book of his, I have kept on a pace of reading a MINIMUM of 120 business books a year – every year – since 1989! In 2011 and 2012 I was recognized as one of the top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America – and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Tom Peters for setting me on that path so many years ago – thank you Tom!!!

  6. Wow I am sure it is partly that attitude of gratefulness and sharing that keeps us all coming back to devour your spin on the digital world Joel!

  7. Mitch – this is incredibly kind of you. I know it’s going to completely blow Tom away. Thank you for going to the trouble to share this. We need more appreciation and positive energy in the world!

  8. Dear Mitch:
    It’s been a while since I have commented on your blog, but I remain a fan-girl. I loved your book Six Pixels of Separation. It inspired me to give talks about what it means to be a Digital Nomad and I have recommended the book and your blog to many others since.
    Keep up the great work blogging, podcasting, and writing generally.
    Your friend and fan,

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