1. Sorry Mitch. I don’t get the cult of Seth Godin. And it is a cult. I feel his fans will swallow anything he dishes out now. I’m as unimpressed by Seth Godin as I am by Malcolm Gladwell.

  2. Arjun, you need a Snickers bar… you’re not yourself when you’re hungry πŸ˜‰
    As for Seth. It’s sincere… been following his work since day one. Do I love every new bit as much as the other? No. Cumulatively, it’s an awesome body of work that any professional business person would be honoured to have as their own portfolio.

  3. Mitch great letter. I’d like to raise my hand as a Seth Godin fan. I too have read all his books and bought the Domino project books.
    I am also a fan of your work. I listen to your podcasts and read your blog. Your work has inspired me and provided insights that I can apply in what I do for the healthcare market.
    Thank you for what you do.

  4. I’m pretty young, and I’ve really only just begun familiarizing myself with Seth Godin’s huge catalog. But I remember the first time it struck me how different he was. It was a MarketingProfs webinar. The topic was pretty generic, something like “do’s and don’ts of blogging.” I was taken by the fact by he refused to phone it in (figuratively), and his honesty was something one rarely sees in these kind of affairs. It was like schrodinger cat in that he included things like “allow comments” in both the do and don’t columns. The audience was relentlessly asking for concrete, granular advice–but he refused to present blogging as some kind of formula.
    There’s a certain integrity in that. I’ve been fortunate to be in contact with him from time to time, and his honesty has shone through in those interactions as well.
    Great letter, Mitch.

  5. Mitch – you can count it as a public fan letter, but had I known, I would have written more.
    I will be starting a blog (long overdue) shortly so perhaps I will write one there. I will certainly be crediting you for any inspiration I use for my own content as a result of your blog or podcasts.

  6. Hi, attended in 2011 Seth Godin conference in New York city on How to be a Linchpin. WOW, Seth is not only brillant, engaging but extremely generous with his audience. I was impressed by his endless energy which seemed to fed and stimulated by all of us.He walks the walk and talks the talk. he based on generosity captured my attention years ago with his book Tribe… Oh! yes, Marketing based on building communities of people who share the same common vision. Consumers are not data, but human beings with whom you have a conversation. A unit.

  7. I liked a lot of things about Austin’s book, but this was one of my favorites as well. As for Seth, “Permission Marketing” to this day remains one of my all time favorite books and I still recommend it to others.
    Anyway, glad to hear you enjoyed “Steal Like an Artist” Mitch. Now go get Austin on your podcast if you haven’t done so already πŸ™‚

  8. What a wonderful idea, and kudos to you for stepping up and shipping Project: Public Fan Letter.
    Once again you’ve given me a helpful nudge; I need to start doing this myself.

  9. Ditto on Michael Assad’s comment. When I talk about Twist and about Mitch, which is often, I always respond to the “sad to say I don’t know who that is” look with – he’s considered the Canadian Seth Godin. That is big-time company to be in but I believe you live up to every inch of that comparison Mitch.

  10. Funny, I often think of myself as the American Mitch Joel.
    Thanks, Mitch. That letter is a lot to live up to. I’ll try.
    It means a lot.

  11. Mitch, this was a great post, and so true.
    Seth is truly a promoter of what I like to call “Integrity Marketing”… which is to say marketing that is natural, personal, and does not deceive.
    But your book, Six Pixels of Separation, actually pointed out the numerous possibilities of digital media… and for that I thank YOU… and wait impatiently for your next book.

  12. This is great, Mitch.
    Seth’s body of work is truly impressive and he’s a nice guy, too.
    I guess that makes you, Seth, and Bruce Willis my 3 favorite white, bald action stars!

  13. I’m a big fan of both Seth Godin and Mitch Joel. I learn something from almost everything they write. Thanks to both of you for continuing to make me think about business in new ways.

  14. Since you do not allow comments, how do I voice my appreciation for your words of wisdom!

  15. Hey Ricardo, please accept this as a formal apology: I’m sorry for not having mentioned that you were kind enough to send me the copy of Steal Like An Artist to read. My bad.
    Thanks again for sending it. I did enjoy it!

  16. I think you just did πŸ™‚ You could also tweet it, post it on Facebook, make a YouTube video, write him a hand-written letter, start your own Blog, etc… You don’t need Seth’s space to comment. Create your own πŸ™‚

  17. It’s becoming ‘uncool’ to like Seth Godin, therefore he’s becoming even more cool. I’m a big fan and will continue to be.

  18. Mitch…this is a terrific post so now it’s my turn. I first saw you speak a couple of years ago at the National Retail Federation Conference. I’m a long time retailer turned marketer and your talk was mesmerizing. Everything you said about the digital space made perfect sense and became an important guide for me. I came to Toronto to hear you at the Art of Marketing and again at your book launch in NYC. I follow you on twitter and my day is better when your blog pops up on google reader. Your clear, concise, insightful thoughts about digital marketing is exciting and inspiring. I appreciate your work and your amazing diligence to those of us who ask for nothing but just keep getting more. Thank you for being a part of the conversation. It is greatly appreciated.

  19. Not only have I read all Seth’s books I have read all yours too Mitch….. πŸ™‚
    With both of you I have followed your work which has led me to others, I listen to a book a week on Audible and have listened to most of your guests from the podcast in the last two years. I found you via Seth, I first heard of Gary V when Seth wrote “Gary V is having a ball at a place called the Wine Library” , Steve Pressfield has been listened to many times (cheaper than therapy) and “Web in your blood” from your podcast with Avinash inspired our “Making social part of your DNA” event in Social Media Week London.
    Some of the best people in my network have come via #Linchpin Meet Up’s – I could go on like this for 10 pages!!
    Thanks for everything so far Mitch πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks to you and Seth for inspiring people like me.
    One of the few people right now in the world where every blogpost is worth the wait and how ever long or short makes a powerful impact.
    It also helps us to think .
    Have never met both of you but have read all your books,would love to meet you guys if you are planning to come to London.

  21. Mitch – Thanks for the post! I became “acquainted” with Tom Peters back in the 80’s from “In Search of Excellence”. It was, and probably still is, the most influential business book I’ve ever read. As a brand new blogger, the thoughts that Seth Godin and Tom have shared about the topic were eye opening and helped validate the work required to even start a blog…exhausting but worth it.
    Your blog is outstanding…thanks for providing consistently great design and content!

  22. Agree 100%! I’ve been inspired by all of Seth’s work ever since I first picked up a copy of PERMISSION MARKETING and THE PURPLE COW! It’s an amazing body of work and narrative overall. Still to see Seth perform live but hoping it’s not too far off. Very inspiring
    And a big fan of your work Mitch πŸ™‚

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