David Weinberger Presents Everything Is Miscellaneous At Picnic 07

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Another reason to love the Web on this glorious weekend. Here’s David Weinberger presenting his concepts from his latest book, Everything Is Miscellaneous, from the Picnic 07 conference.

The video runs about one hour and a half.


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  1. What they could use in the “complexity” discussion is a few more professional academic philosophers to clarify several distinctions!
    One of the distinctions I would add, though Weinberger does mention it, is that the web is better when it is more complex (reflects the world more) in a certain sense, and better when it is less complex (unlike the world) in another sense.
    Let me run the risk of over-simplification by characterizing the sense in which it should be more complex is that of containing various taxonomies (ways of organizing the complex data/info). The sense in which the web should be less complex than the world, should be in the sense of each specific taxonomy itself being a process of simplification, simplifying the info in some way.
    The ‘credibility’ issue came in on the side and wasn’t announced as a separate issue in its own right apart from the complexity debate. Establishing, or understanding, normative criterion for social or scientific or historical (or whatever type) of credibility/authority/(& Truth!) is another question, which wasn’t even addressed by Weinberger’s lead-in presentation.

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