Dan Sullivan Goal Cultivator Community Montreal

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It was probably a year ago that I first heard the Dan Sullivan double-CD set titled, How The Best Get Better. It was (and still is) one of the best audio CD sets I have ever heard. Dan’s take on understanding your unique abilities, ceiling of complexity and your past, present and future self are the most resonating self-actualization concepts I attempt to implement every day.
Dan Sullivan is known as The Strategic Coach and he has been coaching top-performing Entrepreneurs for many years. It turns out a friend of mine has been working with Dan for many years and attributes his immense success to the skills he attains working with The Strategic Coach.
A Couple of months back this friend (let’s call him Barry) approached me about starting a Dan Sullivan Goal Cultivator Community here in Montreal. I sent out an invite to a select group and I am happy to report that we are starting our first session this coming Thursday. We have a solid group of ten top performers.
You can learn more about the Goal Cultivator Community over here: Dan Sullivan Goal Cultivator Community.
Here’s the crux: for one year these ten Entrepreneurs will spend a half day together working on our next 90 days. The Montreal Goal Cultivator Community is a year-long commitment. I just finished the first Module and I’m very keen to get started.
If this sounds interesting and you want to take part in an upcoming Montreal Goal Cultivator Community, please feel free to email me here: Montreal Goal Cultivator Community.