CTRL ALT Delete Is Now Available In Paperback

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It has been two years since CTRL ALT Delete came out. Two years. Wow.

In case you were wondering just how much the world has changed, you should check out this Slideshare deck that I created to get people excited about the content of my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete. The deck is called, 25+ Mind Blowing Stats About Business Today (it was published in late May 2013), and it has been seen close to 160,000 times…

But, with everything that has changed, businesses are still slow to adapt.

There is no doubt that digital has become accepted. Still, so many businesses struggle to transform, adapt and truly leverage it to make their brands more successful. Truthfully, after publishing my first book, Six Pixels of Separation (which came out in 2009), I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write another business book. It became clear to me that there were areas of business that had fundamentally changed, and that most businesses were doing little-to-nothing about them. I pulled those thoughts together and chunked them together into five massive movements (not trends… movements). From there, it became very apparent that all of us would need to approach our work with a different mindset, and that’s when the structure for CTRL ALT Delete came together. The book is divided into two sections (Reboot: Business and Reboot: You). The trade paperback version of the book came out this week. While there was not an opportunity to update it (beyond ensuring that all mention of Twist Image was changed to Mirum), it was amazing to see how little has changed from a macro perspective. In short, if your business is still struggling to put digital first, to figure out how to better connect the brand with your consumers or how to think differently (and strategically) about what it takes to be successful in business today, then CTRL ALT Delete will help you navigate through a world that has changed.

A conversation with Seth Godin about business.

I’m thankful that the book was a smashing success. It managed to find itself on to several bestseller lists, it was also named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon. That being said, launching a book is never easy. Thankfully, my friends at Google invited me to host book launches in New York and Toronto. For New York, my thought was to do something a little unique. I wanted to do a live recording of my podcast, Six Pixels of Separation, in front of an audience. I also knew that I wanted the guest to be Seth Godin. He was kind enough to accept, but wanted to flip things around and interview me. We decided to meet in the middle, and we hosted a live conversation between the two of us (and lots of questions from the amazing audience). Since recording this event at Google in NYC and having it posted to the Talks At Google YouTube channel, it has been seen over 13,000 times. So, if you have not read CTRL ALT Delete yet and were thinking about buying it, I’m hopeful that the video below will intrigue you enough to do so. If not, the content that Seth and I discuss is worth it on its own.

Getting attention.

CTRL ALT Delete got a lot of media attention (you can see just some of that here: CTRL ALT Delete Book Reviews And Media). It really did help the book get noticed. It’s also a testament to just how much the readers (people like you!) really enjoyed the content. So, I’m thrilled that the publisher (Grand Central Publishing – Hachette Book Group) decided to release a paperback version. I’m also confident that my frenetic pace of publishing posts, articles and podcasts can take you from the last page of the book to today, without feeling like any of the book’s content was dated. This blog (and my contributing articles to a myriad of business publications) are all links in the chain that, hopefully, demonstrate the evolution of business, and what it takes for brands and businesses to stay ahead. With that, my publisher also sent me a bunch of copies of CTRL ALT Delete in paperback to giveaway. So, look for that in the coming days and weeks.

Here it is: CTRL ALT Delete… available now in paperback