Creative Entrepreneurship… Kickstarter Style

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Is Kickstarter still the most exciting thing happening in the digital media channels these days?

In June 2012, I penned a blog post titled, The Most Exciting Thing Happening In Digital Right Now. It was all about Kickstarter. I’m as bullish on Kickstarter as I was back then. In two short statements:

  1. Kickstarter enables everyone to be a true patron of the arts – at any level.
  2. Kickstarter implodes the chasm of entrepreneurship that exists between ideation and execution.

Do you need more proof?

If you have yet to spend any time on Kickstarter or if you haven’t bought anything from one of the people trying to Kickstart a project, this presentation by Yancey Strickler (Co-Founder of Kickstarter) takes you deep down the well of how the business model came to be, what they’re trying to accomplish and how they are creating a renaissance for entrepreneurs. It’s over ninety minutes, so pack a lunch…