Cracking The Da Linki Code Over At One Degree

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Over the past week, I have been Blogging here about my frustration in trying to understand what Google defines as relevant in terms of search engine ranking. Last night, over at One Degree, Ken Schafer allowed me to open up my questions to the greater online marketing world with my post – The Da Linki Code – The Truth Behind Links And Google.
Here’s how One Degree teased up the Blog posting:
“Time at last week’s Search Engine Strategies has Mitch wondering what could make one page on his blog outrank the entire site of a link strategist featured at the conference. What made that post rocket to the top of Google? How does Google define relevancy? Help Mitch understand what exactly is going on here…”
You can read the full rant and list of questions I have for search engine optimization and marketing folks here: The Da Linki Code – The Truth Behind Links And Google – One Degree.