Convergence Culture By Henry Jenkins – Montreal Business Book Review January Selection

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The next session of The Montreal Business Book Review will be on Wednesday, January 31st, 2006, 6:30 pm at Twist Image where we’ll discuss, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins.
(hat tip to Jonathan Karpfen for the reminder that I bought this book).
Here’s how Publishers Weekly describes Convergence Culture:
“Henry Jenkins, founder and director of MIT’s comparative media studies program, debunks outdated ideas of the digital revolution in this remarkable book, proving that new media will not simply replace old media, but rather will learn to interact with it in a complex relationship he calls ‘convergence culture.’ The book’s goal is to explain how convergence is currently impacting the relationship among media audiences, producers and content, a far from easy undertaking. As Jenkins says, ‘there will be no magical black box that puts everything in order again.’ Jenkins takes pains to prove that the notion of convergence culture is not primarily a technological revolution; through a number of well-chosen examples, Jenkins shows that it is more a cultural shift, dependent on the active participation of the consumers working in a social dynamic. He references recent media franchises like Survivor, The Matrix, and American Idol to show how the new participatory culture of consumers can be utilized for popular success and increased exposure. Jenkins’ insights are gripping and his prose is surprisingly entertaining and lucid for a book that is, at its core, intellectually rigorous. Though wordy at times, Jenkins’ impressive ability to break down complex concepts into readable prose makes this study vital and engaging.”
Sounds like the perfect speed for the Montreal Business Book Review group.
As always, everyone is free to join, but please RSVP by email to me and make sure to read this: The Montreal Business Book Review – A Primer.
Be sure to also check out Jenkins Blog here: Confessions Of An Aca/Fan: The Official Weblog Of Henry Jenkins.
I still can’t drop the formal announcement about how the Montreal Business Book Review will be accessible to the entire world, but stand by… we’re almost there.

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  1. Hey Mitch,
    Pleasure on the re-mind. Can’t wait to dig back into this great book–one of my faves for this year.
    Right now I’m reading Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing by Adam Greenfield. It’s blowing my mind. Definitely worthy of a look at some point. (…just in case it seems that way, BTW, I’m not trying to monopolize your reading list ;)).
    All the best till we meet again!

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