Contactless To The Future

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Voice is going to change everything.

As you watch the chaos listen for the word “contactless.”
Don’t touch anything.

How will we move through the world?

Everything will be more contactless.
The assumption is that the tap on mobile will drive this.
Maybe today.
Maybe tomorrow.
But not much longer after that.

Look to voice.

Think about smart speakers.
Think about smart audio.
Think about voice assistant technology.

It’s already everywhere.

It’s on your phone.
It’s on your computer.
It’s on your watch.
It’s in your car.
It’s in your electronics.
It’s in your home.
It’s in your kitchen.
It’s in your living room.
It’s in your bedroom.
It’s in your bathroom.
It’s in your office.
It’s installed on most of your smart devices.
We won’t tap.

We will speak.

“Open the door.”
“Close the door.”
“Deposit this cheque.”
“Pay for my almond milk latte (extra hot).”
“Order this…”

Voice will be the remote control for the world.

Millions of dollars in new innovations will come out of this moment.
Billions of dollars in new valuations will come out of this moment.
Things are starting up.

Things are heating up.

Amazon is in the game.
Google is in the game.
Apple is in the game.
Microsoft is in the game.
Salesforce is in the game.
Samsung is in the game.
Facebook is getting in the game.
Others will follow.

Are you in the game?

Things are shifting.
Which direction will they shift for you?
Think hard on this.
Listen closely.

Speak loudly.

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